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Allure Area Rug
Allure arearug
Meteorite Area Rug
B235 arearug
Lineage & Paradiso Area Rug
B196a arearug final
Kasuri Area Rug
Kasuri area rug 0264
Modena Area Rug
B219b arearug
Floreali Area Rug
Floreali area rug 2
Icona Area Rug
Terra nuovo area rug 014
Mesmeric Area Rug
Mesmeric area rug 0269
Trenza & Motivo Area Rug
B194 arearug
Enterprise Area Rug
Enterprise area rug
Interchange Area Rug
Interchange   jwi8071

Atlas Area Rugs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, backings and edge finishes. Please contact your Atlas Sales Associate for more information.

Select a product.

Area rugs can be made from one or more Atlas products.

Select a shape and size.

Any shape or size can be fabricated by Atlas. This includes standard shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles, or a non-standard shape of your choosing. For non-standard shapes, please submit a PDF or drawing to scale of the design you would like.

Select a backing.

Preferred One Step Non-Skid Backing
Monk’s Cloth Backing
Action Bac

Select an edge finish.

Choose one of four stylish edge finish options to finish your rug design. Edge finish colors are selected during the area rug fabrication process, to provide the best complementary color for the area rug.

Contact your Atlas Sales Associate to answer any questions or to place an order.

Edge options